Hearings for Jerry Geier

Hearings for Jerry Geier, left, who is appealing his firing as Goodyear Police Chief, are scheduled for Feb. 24  and March 3. The investigation of Deputy Chief Justin Hughes was completed. He is on personal leave. 

The city of Goodyear scheduled an appeal for Jerry Geier, the former chief of police.

Goodyear placed Geier on paid leave in early October. After an investigation was completed, Goodyear terminated Geier at the end of December.

However, Geier immediately appealed the decision.

According to Tammy Vo, a Goodyear spokeswoman, hearings for Geier’s appeal are scheduled for Monday, Feb. 24, and Tuesday, March 3.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Justin Hughes continues to use his personal leave.

Goodyear also placed Hughes on paid leave in early October. 

Vo said, while the Hughes investigation is complete, “No disciplinary action can be considered until Hughes returns from personal leave.”

She said the city has not decided if any action will be taken against Hughes. “This would happen upon his return,” Vo said.

According to Vo, Hughes has 557.49 hours of accrued leave or approximately 14 weeks.