shopping cart

The Avondale City Council approved an ordinance on abandoned shopping carts June 1. The city now requires businesses to take measures to prevent the removal of shopping carts from their premises.

By the end of the year, businesses must have restrictive devices on shopping carts or a contract with a shopping cart retrieval service.

“Abandoned shopping carts have been an ongoing issue for some time. They are a blight to the community, and they also pose a public safety risk,”  said Martha Ortiz, Avondale’s Code Compliance manager. “Often, these carts are found on sidewalks, vacant lots and streets far from the place of origin.”

Last July, the city of Avondale approved a shopping cart retrieval service contract to help retrieve abandoned shopping carts in the city. 

The city will charge an annual $50 certification fee if the business elects to contract with a shopping cart retrieval service.

The ordinance also includes a $45 per cart impoundment fee to retrieve abandoned carts.

For more information, call Avondale Code Compliance at 623-333-2701.