The Avondale City Council

The Avondale City Council approved developments expected to help the city grow. 

Avondale is about to grow.

On Aug. 24, the Avondale City Council  approved plans for a used car dealer, a 354-unit development and a 200-acre annexation that will bring more than 600 homes to the city.

The Entrada land being annexed is  at 107th Avenue and Broadway Road. 

The city expects to receive increased revenue from construction sales tax, property tax, sales tax, water and sewer fees.

Impact fees also are expected from development of the subject site. 

The annexation means the city will be responsible for water, sewer, sanitation, police, fire and street services. The area will become part of Avondale 30 days after the council vote.

Council also approved a rezoning at the location to allow 624 single-family residential lots to be designed in the style of typical suburban-style subdivision schemes. The development would include a central park, dog parks and an outdoor work-play area with Wi-Fi.

“I like how we looked at the parks and made them different—there is something for every age. A year ago, if you would have said the parks are going to have Wi-Fi and work areas we would have said, ‘Why?’ But moving forward it really does make a lot of sense,” Mayor Kenneth Weise said.

The Entrada development is just northeast of Phoenix Raceway.

In the center of the city, council approved a 354-unit apartment complex.

The Avari apartment development is to be built near Avondale Boulevard and Corporate Drive.

According to the city council report, the apartment community complex will have an indoor clubhouse with a media theater, fitness building, resort-style pool areas and a golfing area.

Councilman Mike Pineda wondered who will live there.

“Who is the customer? Is it going to be the young family? Is it going to be the young professional,” Pineda said. “I think that will help determine what sort of entertainment is going to exist on the outside.”

Weise added, “There really is a need for new apartment complexes in Avondale, and I am excited to see this move forward.”

Construction is expected to start this month.

Not far away, Echo Park Automotive Dealership will be in the western portion of the Avondale Automall on 107th and 99th avenues after council approved a conditional use permit. 

While the existing dealerships surrounding the auto mall sell new and used cars, Echo Park dealership will sell only used car sales.

It was approved to “maintain a minimum of 140 cars on display at all times.” 

“The city has invested a major investment in our automall and have always encouraged the new car sales with the used car sales,” said Pat Dennis, the city’s vice mayor. “But I agree in creating some kind of a balance for the community. This is one reason why I like this project, because it does look at quality used cars. I think this gives that balance for our community.”