Dysart Road and Rancho Santa Fe Boulevard Upgrade

Morning traffic at  Dysart Road and Rancho Santa Fe Boulevard, just approved for a $685,000 upgrade.

At its Sept. 23 meeting, Avondale City Council approved a few small, medium and large projects.

The most modest was a renewal request by Verizon Wireless for the wireless service facility at the Rancho Santa Fe Water Facility. The original five-year lease is about to expire. Council approved Verizon for another five years, at $1,000 per month.

Council also approved spending $131,990 for design and installation of a backup generator for the Emergency Operations Center.

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was opened in the fall of 2018 “for the purpose of managing larger citywide emergencies as a single-point command post and communications center.”

 The EOC facilitates the command post during the NASCAR events hosted at the ISM Raceway, as well as serving as the 911 backup call center.

“As a city, it is our duty to be prepared for emergencies so that we can provide vital public safety services to our residents, said Avondale Mayor Kenneth Weise.

“This backup generator serves the City’s Emergency Operations Center and will be a critical source of power should our main source of power fail during an emergency. THE EOC is designed to manage large-scale citywide emergencies, serving as the command post and communications post, therefore, it’s vital that there are no issues related to power outages at the center.”

On the development side of things, council approved a $685,000 contract with Visus Engineering Construction, Inc.

This is part of the city’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to address traffic congestion at the intersection of Dysart Road and Rancho Santa Fe Boulevard. 

This contract will provide a dedicated right turn lane, along with curb, gutter and sidewalk installation, traffic signal relocation and upgrades and well as landscaping. 

“This project is needed to alleviate some of the heavy backup on Dysart Road, which is one of the most highly used corridors in the City; it will make commuting easier for residents and provide better access to businesses,” stated an agenda document.

On Monday, Oct. 7, council was to consider agenda items including $348,400 for computer replacement $1 million for the construction of a multi-use path along Van Buren Street. 

Results of the council meeting were not available by press time.