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A list of goals and expectations for the next five years was discussed at the Sept. 11 Avondale City Council online strategic retreat meeting. The council continued drafting the city’s top priorities and main objectives for the city’s current five-year plan.

Mayor Kenn Weise said the city will continue to provide residents with the ability to connect with amenities, businesses and their community, enhancing the opportunity to live, work and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

“We see Avondale having the hottest housing market in the state. I think that I think that’s important. And I think that keeps our focus on it.” Weise said.

The meeting began with a presentation by consultant Julia Novak on the findings from an online survey. In addition, Novak discussed the framework and priorities moving forward.

“Community, family friendly, welcoming, safe, diverse are some of the major themes that we heard,” said Darin Thomas, another consultant. “A lot of interest in making sure we have thriving businesses and diverse living opportunities.”

Thomas said most respondents supported planned capital improvement projects, including improvements focused on specific high-growth areas in both traffic and infrastructure.

According to Thomas, Avondale residents want to know that they will have a sufficient water supply and plenty of open spaces as the city grows into its planned future. 

“It is about continued growth, economic development and making sure that we have access to diverse employment opportunities.” Thomas said. “Being able to sustain the growth that we’re realizing now, making sure that we’re planning for the impacts.”

On Aug. 27, Avondale held a community summit, which included 30 community participants, a survey and interviews with the city council, city manager’s office and department heads.

One of the goals that received the most discussion was an effort to further the city’s affordable housing opportunities. Another goal expressed interest in exploring the possibility of establishing a program that supports Old Town small businesses, according to Carter.

Councilman Curtis Nielson said the statistics about the community and the compiled data in this report will drive subsequent initiatives that are tailored to meet the needs of Avondale residents.

“I just really want to get people engaged in the process,” he said.

The city council will continue to discuss its goals at an Oct. 29 retreat.