Kenn Weise Avondale electric fleet

Mayor Kenn Weise was among the first to try out the city of Avondale’s new electric fleet.

The city of Avondale rolled out a Nissan LEAF Plus and two Chevrolet BOLTS, the first three all-electric cars in its fleet of shared pool vehicles. The electric cars will replace some of the city’s older fuel vehicles that have outlived their lifespan.

Avondale employees were introduced to the new vehicles during the city’s employee quarterly meeting. Mayor Kenn Weise was one of the first to get behind the wheel of a brand new electric car.

 “These electric vehicles do not use a single drop of gas, which means no tailpipe, no fumes and zero emissions into the environment. The city will continue adding more electric vehicles to our fleet, phasing out older, less-efficient vehicles that run on fuel,” said Hether Krause, Avondale’s environmental and sustainability program manager.

The city recently installed charging stations at City Hall, where the three electric cars will be housed.

“This is the wave of the future, and we’re excited to move ahead with the switch to these fully electric alternative fuel vehicles. Avondale will continue to introduce even more electric vehicles in the next few years to replace nonelectric cars in our fleet,” said Russ Dangel, Avondale fleet supervisor.

The new electric fleet cars have a range of more than 226 miles, and are known for their benefits to the environment and other cost-saving efficiencies.

“Much of our air pollution in the Valley is caused by vehicles. Along with our Green Friday work schedule and other sustainable programs, Avondale is doing its part to improve our air quality,” Krause said.