Jeffrey S. Case fire chief

Jeffrey S. Case starts his position as Avondale’s new fire chief on September 2.

Jeffrey S. Case believes he faces “great challenges but tremendous opportunities” in his role as Avondale’s new fire chief.

Previously a deputy chief with the Phoenix Fire Department, Case is Avondale Fire & Medical’s first new fire chief in 23 years. He will officially replace Paul Adams when he assumes the role September 2.

“I see the strength of the city of Avondale as being a strong, connected community that has deep roots,” said Case, who boasts 34 years of public safety service experience.

“There’s a lot of history. But I also see a real passion for advancement; for moving Avondale forward and becoming a growing, progressive city. My job and passion will be to make sure the Avondale Fire and Medical Department is equipped, trained and prepared to advance and grow with the city,” he told the West Valley View.

In a statement, Avondale City Manager Charles Montoya said, “Avondale is fortunate to have a leader with an impressive career such as Jeffrey Case join the Avondale Fire Department.”

“He has worked his way up the ladder from firefighter and paramedic, to engineer, captain, battalion chief, division chief to deputy chief, serving in that capacity for the last 15 years for the fifth-largest city in the United States.”

Case will oversee fire and medical operations, which encompass 75 individuals in four divisions. He anticipates his new role will be different than previous ones.

“I have a different level of city involvement. As a fire chief, I’m a part of city management and the connection to all the different parts of the city; different programs within the city,” Case explained. “At this point, my level of involvement will expand to be able to impact those areas and to find out how the Avondale Fire and Medical Department can create opportunities to advance city initiatives.”

Maintaining a strong relationship between the fire and police departments will contribute to that advancement, Case said.

“We have an excellent police chief that I believe has created a very strong police department and the ability for us to collaborate, partner and work together in what is unfortunately a growingly violent society that we, Avondale, are not immune to. That relationship is going to be incredibly important.”

Case added that he’s excited to share his passion for public safety service with his new team.

“I care deeply about the people I’ll be supervising and leading — my firefighters. I want to keep my firefighters safe, make sure they’re healthy and prepared so that we can provide great customer service to the citizens of Avondale and its visitors.

“For me, it’s just making sure both my fire fighters and the citizens are safe, healthy, protected and cared for. If I can do that, we’ll be successful.”