Arizona State Rep. Lorenzo Sierra

Arizona State Rep. Lorenzo Sierra, who lives in Avondale and represents District 19, was off a ventilator and recovering from COVID-19 symptoms, according to his wife, Rhonda Cagle. Sierra and Cagle both became sick while visiting family on the East Coast.

After being on a ventilator in an East Coast hospital, Arizona State Rep. Lorezno Sierra of Avondale showed “extraordinary” improvement.

Rhonda Cagle, Sierra’s wife, told the West Valley View Oct. 12 her husband is making a “remarkable” recovery.

“Lorenzo continues to make extraordinary progress. His doctors have called him the poster child for how rapidly he’s making recovery,” Cagle said. “They just don’t see this type of recovery.” 

After being intubated last week, Sierra is now breathing mostly on his own.

“They were able yesterday to move from him from high-flow oxygen to low-flow oxygen,” Cagle said.  “He’s making good progress with that. He is still on the feeding tube.”

Sierra lives in the Cashion area of Avondale and represents Legislative District 19. 

She considered it both a blessing and a curse that Sierra was hit with COVID-19 while traveling to Washington, D.C., to visit family. The blessing part was he was transported to Johns Hopkins Hospital in nearby Baltimore.

“I can’t say enough about their medical team in terms of their care,” said Cagle.

Unlike President Donald Trump, Sierra did not receive the experimental COVID-19 drug Regeneron. 

But Sierra received a treatment that is also in experimental phases.

“He has been receiving high and frequent doses of convalescent plasma,” said Cagle.

The treatment has worked so well that, by early next week, Sierra may be out of the hospital. “Fingers crossed, he might be discharged at the end of week,” Cagle said.

She also was sick, though nowhere near to the extreme of her husband. “I am pushing through. Still battling through fatigue and brain fog,” Cagle said.

Before being hospitalized, Sierra made a series of tweets: 

“My wife and I both tested negative for the virus prior to our travels,” Sierra tweeted. “Despite taking extensive precautions at all times, we somehow became infected. This goes to show that COVID-19 is highly contagious. ”

Sierra, a Democrat, is unopposed on the Nov. 3 ballot as he runs for reelection. (Diego Espinoza, the other District 19 representative, also is not opposed on the ballot.)

State Sen. Lupe Contreras of District 19 tested positive for COVID-19 in April. He recovered at his Avondale home.