Avondale School receives free Home Depot paint makeover

From left to right, Darryl Williford, Lori Goslar, Martin San Miguel, Samantha Bosnick and Don Pitt help with the exterior makeover at Michael Anderson School in Avondale.

Giving back and being involved in his community are two of Martin San Miguel’s passions. So, when he learned about a volunteering opportunity at work, he jumped on board immediately.

From planting trees to helping veterans in need, San Miguel, a local Home Depot warehouse associate, said he’s participated in a number of beautification projects since he joined his company’s community service program, Team Depot.

Recently, he and his team completed an exterior makeover at Michael Anderson School in Avondale — something San Miguel said was particularly special to him.

“Three of my daughters went through (Michael Anderson). They all promoted here, and my son is in fifth grade here. It’s a good feeling to give back because of what they’ve done for my kids,” San Miguel said.

It was San Miguel who made the connection between the school, The Home Depot Foundation and Team Depot, said Lori Golslar, Michael Anderson principal.

“How this all expanded upon was the fact that we have a parent, Martin San Miguel. Mr. San Miguel works with Home Depot, and they have a community plan where they huddle up, come out into the community and demonstrate service,” Golslar said.

After receiving a $3,000 Home Depot Paint and Refresh Makeover grant, more than 50 volunteers gathered at the pre-K-8 campus on a Saturday morning in July to paint its grounds.

“Hopscotch, foursquare — we’re painting the courts. We’re putting in new basketball hoops as well; painting all the yellow striping where the kids walk all the way down; painting white areas, and we’re going to stencil them with classroom numbers where (students) line up,” said Samantha Bosnick, Team Depot project captain.

“They’re killing it this morning. It’s been great because of the partnership with the school and the community. Chick-fil-A donated to us, (a bakery) and Starbucks. We have parents. Almost all my entire team is here, which is great because they’re supporting me as well as the school. It’s awesome,” Bosnick said.

And according to Bosnick, the exterior makeover was only the first phase of a project that will continue down the road.

Don Pitt, Home Depot RLC asset protection manager, added, “We’re going to be working with Lori and the maintenance team to try to get another grant for the building for additional paint.”

Pitt believes a fresh, revamped campus will make a difference on the first day of school on August 5.

“Some of these kids have been coming here for a couple years, and it gets faded. It’s kind of a representation of themselves. As they go through school, and it gets faded, they look around and go, ‘Wow,’” Pitt said.

“Coming in and doing this, it helps give new life and a new breath for the kids to start off school on a good foot. Just really humbling and thanking Michael Anderson for this partnership and us being able to come in here and do this.”

To learn more about Team Depot and grant awards, visit corporate.homedepot.com/team-depot-project-application.