This is a chance to make improvements to our road map for a sustainable and resilient future. Public comments are due Aug. 14. (Stock image)

The city of Avondale is seeking feedback from residents, businesses and other stakeholders on the draft community sustainability plan.

The proposed plan will address challenges, including ongoing drought, increasing heat, strained natural resources and greenhouse gas emissions, and help advance Avondale’s position as a sustainable and resilient city.

Public comment is due Aug. 14.

The draft plan was developed through conversations with neighborhood leaders, youth leaders, local businesses, developers and the broader Avondale community.

It was guided by the Avondale Sustainability Commission and informed by technical assessments and consultations with local experts.

The draft plan reflects key concerns voiced by the community and sets long-term aspirational goals, intermediate targets to track progress, and strategies and actions to implement across eight sustainability pathways: clean transportation, resilience to extreme heat, reliable water supply, efficient buildings and renewable energy, healthy environment, waste as a resource, fresh food for all and a green economy.

“We are at the stage in the planning process where we want to learn if we heard our community correctly,” said Danae Presler, Avondale sustainability officer.

“This is a chance to make improvements to our road map for a sustainable and resilient future.”

Avondale’s community and stakeholders are invited to review the draft community sustainability plan (available in English and Spanish) and submit feedback, comments or questions at Residents can complete a short survey at