Jazzmond Holloway

Jazzmond Holloway, right, celebrates a recent birthday with family.

Amid a slew of emotion, Patsy Holloway remembered being woken up early on June 30, when a detective knocked on her door and told her the devastating news.

Her son, Jazzmond Holloway, 37, had been killed.

Avondale police responded to calls of an accident at 12:31 a.m. that day near the 11100 block of W. McDowell Road, where Jazzmond had been in a single-car crash, according to police. Holloway was found with an apparent gunshot wound, and was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Addressing media and police officers alongside other family members on July 30, Patsy said she could not believe it at first, calling the act “senseless.”

In the month since Jazzmond’s death, Patsy said family friends and the local community have offered prayers and support, but she will not stop looking for help until the shooter is identified and prosecuted. She and her family members are now asking for the public’s help in identifying the shooter.

“He (Jazzmond) did not deserve this. I’m asking anyone, if you know anything about this night, please just come forward and help us find out what happened,” she said.

Brother Shayar Lee remembers Jazzmond as selfless, great man. A father of two kids, he leaves behind a 10-year-old son and 20-year-old daughter. Lee had to sit down with the two offspring, who he said now look at him as a father, and tell them they had lost a man that meant so much to them.

“That just replays in my head at night,” he said.

Sister Au’Bri Holloway echoed that sentiment, saying Jazzmond was selfless, caring and loving. He was a hard worker who kept his nose out of trouble and held multiple jobs to support his family financially. She and the rest of the family are adamant in their requests for public assistance.

Even if justice is served, though, Jazzmond’s siblings said the loss will forever haunt the family that is now one member smaller.

“I miss him. I just miss my brother. I can’t pick just one thing I’ll miss most,” Au’Bri said.

In the meantime, the investigation is ongoing. Police did not divulge any further information on the case. But Patsy said she is determined, with the help of the public, to find the shooter, no matter how long it takes.

“I’m not hoping for it. It’s going to happen,” Patsy said. “We’re going to catch the culprit that did this, and justice is going to be served.”

Avondale Police obtained several pictures of a car closely following Jazzmond’s brown truck seconds before the shooting. For information or help in identifying the suspect(s), contact the Avondale Police Department at 623-333-7001.