Avondale City Council

Avondale City Council approved a $1 million land purchase to accommodate the city’s ambitious plans for The BLVD. While most of the land near Van Buren Road and Avondale Boulevard lies empty, the city imagines a flourishing center with homes, businesses, shops and entertainment.

Driving by West Van Buren Road and Avondale Boulevard, many would see nothing more than shrug-worthy empty land.

The city of Avondale sees a robust, flourishing future.

Indeed, the city authorized another $1 million for the area as Avondale continues with its ambitious plan to repurpose the center of the city as The BLVD.

At its Nov. 2 meeting, Avondale City Council approved the purchase of 3 acres near West Van Buren Road and Avondale Boulevard for $1.1 million.

Two weeks before, council authorized $400,000 to launch “The BLVD Water Features Project,” expected to cost nearly $5 million.

The city imagines water features surrounded by homes, businesses and shops.

Part of that development is for the Maxon Property purchase authorized by council Nov. 2.

According to agenda information, “the cost will be partially offset from the sale of other city-owned land at The BLVD.”

Pier Simeri, a city spokeswoman, expanded on that.

The purchase price, she noted, “was under the appraised value and comes with additional long-term water rights.”

She said funding for the purchase came from two recent land sales at The BLVD, “to Dutch Bros Coffees and MGN LLC, which will be constructing a new 70-room Avid branded hotel expected to be open within the next 24 months.”

The Maxon Property and other city-owned land nearby will be combined “to create a high-density residential plat,” she said.

Avondale is working with industry powerhouse CBRE to recruit a development partner “through an RFP process to develop the residential component in the Park Avenue district, including housing that will support the local workforce,” Simeri said.

“The city has elected to pursue the residential portion first to help create more density and demand, which will assist with future recruitment and development of retail, office and entertainment facilities in the district.”