Checkered crosswalks

Checkered crosswalks are coming to Avondale Boulevard this week. 

Drivers and pedestrians will see checkered crosswalks along Avondale Boulevard beginning Feb. 12.

 Twice a year, Avondale is the host city for thousands of race fans who come here to experience the thrill of NASCAR at Phoenix Raceway. 

 This year, in anticipation of the 2020 NASCAR Championship Weekend, scheduled for Nov. 6 to 8, Avondale is repeating the checkered crosswalks along Avondale Boulevard.

 Contractor crews will paint checkered crosswalks in eight locations along Avondale Boulevard, the major arterial leading to the Phoenix Raceway track. This is in addition to two sets of checkered crosswalks  at Van Buren Street and Coldwater Springs Boulevard, as well as crosswalks at the Avondale Civic Center campus.

 This painting will take approximately eight days and take place overnight. The checkered crosswalks will be placed across Avondale Boulevard at Maricopa Street, Buckeye Road (MC 85), Durango Street, Whyman Street and Lower Buckeye Road.