Bayless Integrated Healthcare is opening a one-stop clinic for at-risk children and their families in the Avondale Elementary School District.

The multispecialty clinic, in the original AESD building at 235 W. Western Avenue, will provide family medicine, behavioral health and life skill services to students and families who reside in the Southwest Valley. It is expected to open in early September, said Kristen Ray, Bayless’ vice president of behavioral health.

“The other behavioral health providers are several to 20 miles outside of the area. It’s going to be a huge impact to meet children and their families where they’re at. There are transportation barriers, parents are working, there are multiple children in different schools. Trying to go from place to place is rough. Being on the campus for one of the schools is going to be really important.”

WellCare Health Plans, Care1st Health Plan Arizona and the WellCare Community Foundation donated $230,000 to help expand and renovate the offices so Bayless physicians can provide services.

Nearly 1 in 4 children in Maricopa County are living at or below the poverty line, and many lack access to needed health care services. For example, studies show 70 percent of Arizona children with major depression do not receive needed mental health treatment, according to Ray. To help expand access to underserved children and families in Maricopa County, the new clinic will offer physical and behavioral health services to approximately 12,000 to 13,000 AESD students in schools like Avondale Middle, Elíseo C. Félix and Lattie Coor schools.

“We’re excited to offer quality health care services to meet the physical and behavioral health needs of the Avondale Elementary School District and surrounding communities,” said Justin Bayless, CEO, Bayless Integrated Healthcare.

Bayless Integrated Healthcare will also collaborate with the Care1st Avondale Resource Center, located across the street, to connect patients to social and human services. Three years in the making, the center offers a variety of programs such as health care enrollment, Women, Infants and Children (WIC), financial literacy workshops and parenting classes.

“We’ve had so much support from everybody in the community,” Ray said. “Existing patients are ready for it to open. We also went to a couple meet-the-teacher nights for some of the schools. Everybody is excited to get services close by. They’re looking to get their medical home and I think it’ll meet the need for a lot of families.”

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