Buckeye Police Department’s traffic and DUI enforcement programs

Grants totaling $100,000 will assist the Buckeye Police Department’s traffic and DUI enforcement programs.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is giving the Buckeye Police Department nearly $100,000 in grants.

The funds are targeted “to reduce alcohol- and drug-related accidents and injuries and enhance accident investigations and prosecutions of fatal accidents,” according to Donna Rossi, spokeswoman for the Buckeye Police.

A $20,000 grant is for the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP).  It is for overtime and the purchase of items such as a cargo trailer and traffic cones for DUI/impaired driving enforcement activities.

Another $41,070 in federal funding is for DUI enforcement overtime, employee-related expenses, blood alcohol content test kits and other items.

Buckeye received $17,490 for accident investigation overtime and supplies including software.

The DUI Abatement Council awarded a fourth grant of $20,000 for overtime, employee expenses and supplies. 

“The grant will aid in our DUI task force efforts during key high traffic holidays and special events,” said Rossi.