Road Construction

Hundreds of jobs could be coming soon, as Buckeye City Council approved an Economic Development Agreement with CRE/LGE Design Build to facilitate a major industrial facility.

According to agenda information, 367 construction jobs will build the $60 million facility, with “total economic output resulting from construction of this facility estimated at $90.4 million.”

This “speculative” project will be an 860,000-square-foot facility at the northwest corner of Miller Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road, next to the Five Below facility. Since this is a speculative project, a tenant has not been named, but LGE Design Build and the city are confident that there will be a tenant ready to move in by the time the project is complete. 

“Right now, these types of buildings are in really strong demand, and we expect pretty quickly that a tenant will sign up, so we hope within a very short period of time to be able to announce that we do have a tenant ready to move into the building when it is complete,” said Economic Development Director David Roderique. 

“We really believe that this building will very quickly fill up and attract a desirable tenant.”

LGE Design Build plans to close on the purchase of the land in early 2021, break ground by spring 2021 and be ready for tenants by early 2022.

According to its website, LGE Design Build has designed and built over 1,000 projects totaling over 20 million square feet and projects ranging from under $1 million and over $50 million.

“The primary benefit and the reason we are so excited for this project is the jobs and opportunities it will bring for the residents of Buckeye,” said Roderique. “One of the key things we hear from the residents is, ‘I wish we had decent jobs here in the community so we won’t spend two hours a day commuting.’”

The development agreement includes reimbursements of 49% of the construction sales tax, or a projected $458,000 out of an estimated $934,000 construction sales tax revenue. Another $750,000 in permit and plan check fees will be waived by Buckeye.

“The city will reimburse LGE up to approximately $1.2 million to help them pay for public infrastructure that is going to benefit the entire community,” said Roderique. 

In addition to the facility, the developer will also be widening its portion of Miller Road, which is currently two lanes, into three lanes each way. 

A few members of the council stated their concerns about traffic congestion around the area at a Dec. 15 meeting. 

“I understand that this is something we can’t do anything about because everything falls within the correct zoning, but with this being the only three ways into our downtown area, I don’t think this is the greatest doormat that we could put out,” said Councilmember Tony Youngker.

“I really, really hope that we can continue to do more innovative things going down the road to make it much more welcoming.”