Buckeye mobile command vehicle.

Buckeye will be applying for a grant to pay for two-thirds of a $600,000 mobile command vehicle.

Buckeye City Council voted last week on a new water fee. Water rates will not change.

A monthly flat fee of $3.05, plus tax,  goes into effect Feb. 7, for approximately 20,000 Buckeye water users.

 According to agenda material, the fee will go toward “funding the repair and replacement of water lines, wells, reservoirs, valves and other infrastructure.

“Updated equipment will use the newest technology in the industry, which will greatly improve water quality. “

Council also approved the purchase of a $600,000 mobile command vehicle for the Buckeye Police Department.

Buckeye will pay for $200,000 and apply for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) funds to pay for the other two-thirds of the police vehicle, according to agenda documents.