Tremaine Jackson, rapist

Tremaine Jackson, 43, of Buckeye was recently arrested and terminated from his position with the Arizona Department of Public Safety for 61 charges related to alleged sexual abuse, kidnapping and fraud against nine victims who he is accused of pulling over because he found them attractive.

Tremaine Jackson, a 43-year-old state trooper from Buckeye, was arrested September 10 on 61 charges related to sexual abuse, kidnapping and fraud against nine victims.

   Jackson had an initital Maricopa County Superior Court appearance on September 11. He is being held at Maricopa County Fourth Avenue Jail on a $150,000 bond with a court appearance scheduled for September 18.

 A 13-year state trooper, Jackson is accused of creating false allegations against the women to justify him stopping them in traffic, according to a probable cause statement.

“Jackson used his authority as a peace officer to further his predatory behavior and illegally detained women he found attractive,” the statement reported.

According to the document, the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) received its first complaint May 19. An investigation began immediately. After a second complaint, Jackson  was put on leave. He has since been terminated from the department.

One woman described an incident that occurred on December 15, 2018, on McDowell Road in Phoenix. She reported she was held for 45 to 60 minutes, during which Jackson made her talk about her personal life and give him her phone number.

Jackson is also accused of demanding sexual favors from the victim, which she denied repeatedly. When the victim was finally released, Jackson requested to follow her on Snapchat and text her.

Through the investigation, the AZDPS discovered eight more victims with similar stories. The investigation found that Jackson stopped more women drivers than he did men, while all other state troopers stopped two men for every one woman they stopped, according to the document. The oldest known incident occurred October 29, 2018.

After Jackson’s arrest and subsequent firing from the AZDPS, the department held a press conference to discuss the allegations.

“Most of us in here are parents or we have loved ones who are female,” said Col. Frank Milstead, the department’s director. “And to think that under the color of authority and the trust that the public places on the shoulders of law enforcement is betrayed by a single trooper who victimizes women on a traffic stop is horrifying.”

The AZDPS investigation uncovered a pattern in Jackson’s use of DPS systems that align with the victims’ accusations. During all incidents, Jackson hid his location from DPS systems. He is said to have misled the department regarding his whereabouts and created false reports describing why he pulled the women over.

AZDPS also reports that Jackson targeted his victims outside his normally scheduled hours, then  falsely clamed overtime pay.

“The Arizona Department of Public Safety deeply regrets the reprehensible acts perpetrated by Tremaine Jackson. Jackson broke all trust with the community and the Department. We will continue to investigate any new leads or information,” Milstead said.

AZDPS believes there are more victims out there and encourages them to file a report. The victim hotline number is 602-223-2389. Victims can also visit to submit a report.