Charlene Powers-Broadbent

Charlene Powers-Broadbent died of complications of COVID-19.

Buckeye’s respected and well-known community member Charlene Powers-Broadbent recently died from COVID-19 complications.

Powers-Broadbent spent her life in Buckeye, even meeting her husband Russell Powers Jr. at Buckeye Union High School in 1973. 

In addition to her involvement in the Buckeye community, Powers-Broadbent was an insurance professional who started Powers-Leavitt insurance more than 30 years ago. 

Bracken Longhurst, executive vice president at The Leavitt Group, said Powers-Broadbent was a pioneer for women within the industry. 

“She was one of the few female voices in insurance; there’s not a lot of female representation in the insurance industry. She’s been in the industry for 30 years and is a leading voice and a trailblazer,” Longhurst said. 

Starting with the company as a receptionist, making her way through every level until she became the owner, Longhurst said Powers-Broadbent created a legacy of which to be proud. 

As for what Powers-Broadbent’s passing means for Powers-Leavitt Insurance, Longhurst said they will continue the strong reputation Powers-Broadbent built within the community and with their clients. 

“Our goal is to not have any change, to continue with everything that she has already done. And that means stay there in the local community with the office and with the staff and continue to deliver the same services to clients,” Longhurst said.

Longhurst said Powers-Broadbent’s partnership with the company was integral to its growing success, as she was important to her community and the firm. 

“We all love her and we all miss her, and we’re all committed to continuing her legacy. Honestly, she is somebody special, and she won’t be forgotten,” Longhurst said.