Sgt. Jeremy Rojas

Sgt. Jeremy Rojas is retiring from the Avondale Police Department.

At its Nov. 16 meeting, Avondale City Council honored two police officers who are retiring: Sgt. Jeremy Rojas and Lt. Michael Sgrillo.

Together, they served the city for 47 years, with Sgrillo clocking in for 27 years.

“Both Lt. Sgrillo and Sgt. Rojas are an example of officers who fully understand the concept of community-based policing,” said Avondale Police Chief Dale Nannenga.

“In his 20 years with the department, Sgt. Rojas worked in many different assignments for our department and worked with our younger officers in preparing them for their careers in police work,” Nannenga said.

The chief noted Sgrillo “worked in every detail and bureau within the department. During his 27 years with the department, he was instrumental in being part of our leadership team that has managed our city and our staff’s growth.”