Columbia College

Columbia College will open an academic advising office in Goodyear on July 16 at 250 N. Litchfield Road, Suite 202. A welcome week will follow shortly thereafter, with more details to be confirmed.

The Missouri-based Columbia College is not new to the Valley, though. Having already offered online courses in Arizona, Columbia College is expanding its outreach with the academic advising office and future in-seat courses.

“The initial plan is to determine the needs for community by reaching out to the hospitals, the corporates and individuals, and then determine what type of programs that are needed,” said Dr. Jeff Musgrove, vice president of adult higher education for Columbia College.

“Then the goal would be to either offer courses in those companies and their facilities or actually build a facility or at least one that’s already configured to our needs.”

Columbia College worked with Goodyear officials for two years to bring this project to fruition. It had to seek approval from the state of Arizona and Higher Learning Commission to locally hold online and in-seat programs.

Arizona will be the 14th state to have a Columbia College campus, which is also located in Cuba, Musgrove said. A variety of educational opportunities will be offered. For more information, visit

“Our city has a bright future, and one that will be dramatically enhanced through a partnership with Columbia College,” Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord said. “We recognize the importance of higher learning and are committed to expanding the educational resources in Arizona. We wholeheartedly welcome Columbia College to Goodyear.”

The academic advising office’s location is also important, as it puts Columbia College near Luke Air Force Base. The school is well-known in the military community, Musgrove said.

Through its Truition initiative, Columbia College does not charge for textbooks or additional fees. The only costs are single tuition rates. A military grant and reduced costs are also offered to those in service. For more information, visit

“We’re a not-for-profit college, we’ve been around since 1851, and we truly care about affordability,” said Dr. Scott Dalrymple, president of Columbia College. “West Valley students will pay only for tuition—there are no fees. Best of all, textbooks are included.”

Though the college will focus on Goodyear for the time being, demand elsewhere could drive how Columbia College moves forward, Musgrove said.

“It’s convenient access to affordable, quality higher education,” said Darah Mann, Goodyear’s economic development project manager. “It addresses a need for Goodyear residents and the surrounding communities in the West Valley. Whether you’re a working adult and/or raising a family or you’re just starting your postsecondary journey, you can do it here in the West Valley and stay close to home.

“Goodyear has strong medical and manufacturing sectors that require a skilled and educated workforce, and there are also countless employers in our region offering employees some form of tuition reimbursement, and this will work for all of the above.”

For more information on the upcoming welcome week, contact Mann at