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Incumbent Debbie Lesko, the only Republican in the primary, and Democrat challengers Bob Musselwhite, Bob Olsen and Michael Muscato are on the ballot for the 8th Congressional District in the Aug. 4 primary. 

Each previously provided background information and priorities to the West Valley View.

In the second part of the questions, the four make their closing arguments:


Why should someone vote for you?  

Debbie Lesko

I believe people should vote for me because I am hardworking, honest, care for my constituents,  have the experience, and I stand up for the principles and freedoms that have made our nation great.  

Michael Muscato

I  believe the job of Congress is to represent the people of the district and not just a political party and its leadership. There is no candidate more suited to represent this district than me. I’m born and raised here. Everything I am and everything I will be is right here with my hometown. I believe that our hometowns and our country are always worth fighting for. Regardless of political party, each and every person here in CD8 can rest knowing I will be working as hard as I can to make our lives better for everyone.

Bob Musselwhite 

I believe that I have a good education and rounded experience in public service and understand what it should be about. I also have experience in private business. I believe you can look at my record and find a lifetime of integrity and commonsense problem solving. I also will not be diverted from our American ideals by the call of personal aggrandizement. I believe that my age, 68, is pretty close to the age of many who reside in CD8, and so I believe I am a match for the people who live here. I understand what good government should be, and due to my experience here, I understand our people.

Bob Olsen

I have a lifetime of experience dealing with and resolving tough problems. As a veteran, first responder and attorney, I have developed a strong ethic of taking problems head-on and working hard toward a solution. In life, this often requires well-thought-out and developed compromise, while staying true to your beliefs, in order to move organization or process forward. I have the skills, the experience and the desire to be the next U.S. representative for Congressional District 8. I will fight for the West Valley and for each and every one of you. Elect me and help me lead Arizona into the future.