Liberty Elementary School District

A Liberty Elementary School District posting shows what the school rebuild will look like.

A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for 7:45 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 9, to celebrate the start of the rebuilding of Buckeye’s Liberty Elementary School.

The $14 million project is funded by a bond referendum voters approved in November.

The rebuilt school at 19818 W. MC 85 is scheduled to open in 2021.

Liberty Elementary School is the original and namesake school of the district. 

DLR Group, selected to design the project, said it will honor the legacy of the school by blending the historical character of the campus with “forward-looking learning spaces.”

“Our multigenerational school community is so proud to be a part of this moment for our school. Liberty is a point of historical pride in Buckeye, and we are excited that our facilities are being updated to reflect that,” Liberty Elementary School Principal Jennifer Gray said. “DLR Group and CHASSE Building Team have done an outstanding job of gaining stakeholder input to ensure that we honor our past while looking to an innovative future. Our agriscience program will continue to thrive, as will our students, due to their thoughtful design.”

“We are grateful to our community for passing the recent bond election and making this rebuild project possible. Thanks to you, our children will learn in safe, inspiring, and modern conditions,” Superintendent Dr. Lori Shough said.

DLR Group’s design incorporates glazing, garage doors and exterior canopies “to create seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor agricultural spaces.”

“The aesthetic of the campus brings together traditional rural building forms with efficient modern building techniques that allow for daylighting, connectedness, and general human comfort and wellness,” DLR’s David Schmidt said.

On the construction end, Barry Chasse of CHASSE Building Team said,  “Liberty Elementary School has taken tremendous steps to improve the educational experience of their students. We are thrilled to be part of a construction project that both encourages learning and creates community.”

Like other public schools around the West Valley, Liberty Elementary School District is closely monitoring COVID-19 data while remaining in remote-teaching mode.