Kimberly Banach

Kimberly Banach is the marketing director of Estrella.

Estrella Development Company LLC, the new owners of the West Valley master-planned community Estrella, donated $5,000 to the Avondale nonprofit Homeless Youth Connection to support its mission of assisting youth in need. 

“With the acquisition of the Estrella community just late last year on Oct. 21 by new investors, we really wanted to celebrate the exciting time in this new partnership during the holiday season with a gift on behalf of our new homebuilders that would be meaningful,” said Kimberly Banach, marketing director of Estrella. 

“At Estrella, we value quality education and believe that that should be available to everyone. Homeless Youth Connection is an organization that really makes that happen.”

Estrella Development Company LLC is comprised of Harvard Investments, Toll Brothers and Värde Partners.

Homeless Youth Connection believes that homelessness should not limit a youth’s opportunity for a successful future. With the help from educators, government agencies, churches, community partners, local corporations, service organizations and compassionate community members, the organization’s chief operating officer said it is breaking down barriers that prevent graduation and providing lasting solutions for successful futures through community support and increased awareness.

“The recent donation HYC received from Estrella came at a great time,” said Dana Bailey, chief operating officer at Homeless Youth Connection. 

“It will make a significant impact in the lives of youth experiencing homelessness. After the decline in enrollment last year due to the pandemic, we are seeing more youth in need for more comprehensive services. These funds will help provide basic needs and resources for youth who are struggling to stay in school and graduate. We are grateful for this generous gift and know it will make a difference in the lives of youth who need assistance to overcome their homelessness.”

As a mother of teenagers, Banach said the donation resonated with her. Banach has donated to HYC previously. 

“It hits home for me knowing the opportunities my daughters have that some others in their same age group might not have,” she said. “It’s an organization that I’m personally familiar with, but I also completely support their values.”

Banach added that donating to HYC was important to the Estrella team, as it reflects the community’s dedication to providing kids with quality access to education. 

“The community itself just really values community and coming together and education. These are all pillars,” she said. “The gift needed to be something more meaningful than your traditional swag items that you would give to builders. We wanted something that resonated with the value of the community. So, we felt that a charitable donation was just more in the spirit of who these partners are and then celebrating the new relationships.”