Jesus Antonio Carbajal

Jesus Antonio Carbajal faces murder charges.

 Jesus Antonio Carbajal was arrested by U.S. marshals in Nogales July 22, according to the Avondale Police Department.

Carbajal, 20, faces murder charges in the July 6, 2018, killing of 17-year-old Gerardo “Daniel” Trevino.

According to court documents, Carbajal fled to Mexico after Trevino was shot in a Taco Bell parking lot at 11325 W. Buckeye Road, in the Cashion neighborhood.

Friends of Trevino’s who were with him told Avondale detectives Trevino planned to trade marijuana for guns.

Felix Rios Jr. allegedly drove a Mitsubishi Eclipse into the parking lot, with Carbajal in the passenger seat.

A witness told police Carbajal pointed a gun and ordered Trevino, “Give me everything you got.” Trevino pushed Carbajal and ran before Carbajal shot him, the witness said.

Rios was arrested last year and awaits trial.