Home and housing estate concept, a key to open the door

Avondale City Council discussed plans for the city over the next five years during a study session, then approved a plan for a single-family residential neighborhood in northeast Avondale near Holy Cross Cemetery.

The 2021 strategic plan will be a continuation of the one set by Avondale in 2016, which included creating a connected community with diverse recreation and entertainment opportunities. These objectives include “creating an environment that values education and provides learning opportunities for all residents.”

City council worked with Novak Consulting Group to develop this strategy. The group reached out to members of the community and city staff members to find out what was important to Avondale residents. Respondents highlighted that the city is safe and affordable and hope that there will be more jobs in the West Valley and mass transit in 10 years.

Council will review the draft and vote on the plan Feb. 16. If the plan is approved, the consulting group will track the progress of each of the strategic outcomes.

Fulton Homes presented its plan for a proposed neighborhood to be developed on 99th Avenue and Thomas Road.

The developer plans to build 581 homes on 150 acres in two phases. 

Plans are for two recreation areas with a community pool and basketball court, in addition to several other amenities. 

According to the developer’s plan, Fulton Homes will keep 33 acres for open space:

“The landscape plan reflects a large central park site, including a substantial aquatic center, to serve the entirety of the community, as well as additional local parks.”

There were several clarifying questions on the presentation, like ensuring the roads would be wide enough in case of an emergency and street parking.

Council unanimously approved the development plan.

“I think the quantity of the open space and the amenities is great, as well as the opportunity for different designs of the housings, and I look forward to the development and what it does for Avondale,” Councilwoman Pat Dennis said.