Broken Pink Piggybank With Bandage

On July 13, the Goodyear City Council held a regular meeting where an addition to the city’s 2021 fiscal year budget was unanimously approved.

The $1.9 million budget addition is a transfer from Goodyear’s special contingency fund to the city’s general fund.

According to agenda material, 1,400 residential building permits contributed $1.2 million in development support.

“This ($1.2 million) will fund salaries, benefits and associated costs for 10 new positions,” Finance Director Doug Sandstrom said.

The 10 full-time positions include one code compliance officer, one building inspector planner, three construction inspectors, one plans examiner, one civil engineer and two technicians.

An additional $17,000 will go toward personal protective equipment.

The budget addition also includes $90,000 for activities such as Ballet Under the Stars and community activities like Goodyear Rocks, with another $316,000 for employee and technology safety. This includes cyber security, safety restraints for the Goodyear Police Department, and the replacement and testing of several turnouts.

According to Finance Manager of Budget and Research Lauri Wingenroth, the city  collected nearly $13 million in sales tax in March and April.

“We’re doing quite well,” Mayor Georgia Lord said. “With all the ups and downs that Arizona has had, congratulations, council and staff, because it’s mind boggling.”