George Getz, Brannon Hampton, Sheri Lauritano, Georgia Lord, Wally Campbell, Laura Kaino, Joe Pizzillo

Globe Corporation President George F. Getz, center, is flanked by the Goodyear City Council, which consists of, from left to right, Brannon Hampton, Sheri Lauritano, Mayor Georgia Lord, Wally Campbell, Laura Kaino and Joe Pizzillo. Vice Mayor Bill Stipp is not pictured.

The Goodyear City Council on August 19 unanimously approved the development agreement for Civic Square at Estrella Falls — a project councilmembers say will catalyze economic vitality.

According to the agreement, property owner Globe Corporation, which donated approximately six acres of land to the city for the project north of McDowell Road near 150th Drive, will build all of the infrastructure in the first phase of the civic square, including a 125,000-square-foot City Hall with a library, two-acre park, 100,000-square-foot Class A office building and structured parking garage.

Goodyear City Manager Julie Arendall said the new space will accommodate festivals, concerts and parades.

“A public place to gather with friends and family; it would create a sense of pride and the hometown feel for our growing community,” she described.

And for future phases, Arendall said the remainder of the site can support mixed uses like restaurant, retail, office, general commercial and high-density residential.

The project, which is budgeted at more than $87.7 million and is slated to break ground in March 2021, will be funded through a $53 million bond and the General Fund Capital Improvement Program, Arendall said.

“June of 2022 is when we’d be looking to have our dedication ribbon cutting and move into the City Hall,” she added.

Without Globe Corporation’s public-private partnership, the City Hall project would not be possible, Councilwoman Wally Campbell told George F. Getz, Globe Corporation president.

“I’d like to thank you for stepping out and wanting to partner with us, because it is a big step for the city. But it’s an even bigger step for you because doing this, you’re going to be the catalyst for that entire area,” Campbell said. “We thank you for your willingness to do this with us, because I don’t think we could have gotten it done any other way.”

Getz, whose company owns 47 acres where the new space will be built, said it’s an honor to work with Goodyear.

“I’m just as excited as all of you to make sure this happens, and happens on my watch. We’re committed with our team at Globe Corporation, and we look forward to a successful partnership and a great outcome here with the city,” Getz told councilmembers.

Mayor Georgia Lord, who mentioned the longstanding demand for a new City Hall at the meeting, signed the resolution.

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I’m trying not to cry,” Lord said to Getz.

“I’ve signed a lot of papers since I’ve been the mayor, but this is probably the most special one I’ve ever signed.”

In a statement, Lord said, “This project has been a long time in the making and is one of the reasons I began my career on council years ago. Our residents are what makes our city a close-knit community, and I look forward to celebrating holidays and special occasions in this new gathering space together.”