Goodyear Arizona

The pandemic has undoubtedly brought about many changes for Americans, one being their decision to move. HireAHelper’s 2020 study showed a major spike of people moving in 2020, listing COVID-19 as one of their primary reasons.

Among the study, the company tracked down the cities most people are moving to in the midst of such a heavy traffic moving season. Goodyear ranked fourth and Buckeye at No. 10. 

“Arizona has already been a high-growth state in years previous. So, I’m actually not surprised, but it seems like Arizona is once again on the map,” said Jaclyn Lambert, spokesperson with HireAHelper.

Specifically, Goodyear’s net growth capped at 135% and Buckeye at 75%. To come up with the net growth, HireAHelper determined the number of people moving into a state or city to the number of people moving out of another state or city expressed as a percentage. 

Ranking amongst the top 10 most popular moving destinations, both West Valley cities are continuing to attract people moving out of metropolitan areas.

“What I’m attributing the gross to Goodyear and Buckeye is it could potentially be people from the Phoenix area trying to get out and move to the suburbs. Phoenix actually had a 25% net loss, which I think is interesting,” Lambert said. 

One of the main findings of the study showed that COVID-19 played a major role in people’s decision to move in 2020. The study found 25% of Americans who moved in 2020 did so because of the pandemic. Nearly 35% of those said it was because of financial hardship, while nearly one-third of people who moved did so to look after family. 

“When we look at the real reasons why people move during COVID, a lot of it is related to finances and taking care of family, just trying to create some semblance of safety and security during this time that was honestly not a very safe and secure feeling at all,” Lambert said. 

Collectively, 30% more Americans moved in the fall than in the year before. The study shows the pandemic likely had much to do with the increase, as the pandemic initially hit in the spring and the summer. 

As far as what the numbers will show for 2021? Lambert said she expects to see similar results, if not another increase in the state, specifically in Goodyear and Buckeye, as she considers them “high-growth cities in a high-growth state.” 

“It really depends on when COVID is actually going to end. I do think that we’re going to start seeing a little more growth in the Arizona area, because in years previous Arizona did rank higher for net growth,” Lambert said. 

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