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On July 13, Goodyear City Council unanimously approved fiscal year 2020-21 community funding support to nonprofit organizations.

Community support includes helping people find employment and housing.

The total funding of $114,000 will be allocated to several nonprofits, including Big Brothers and Sisters of Central Arizona, All Faith Community Services and Phoenix Rescue Mission.

“We don’t do all those social services in our city; we’re not big enough,” Councilman Brannon Hampton said. “So being able to partner with nonprofits that provide those services to our residents is great.”

Goodyear City Council also approved a grant from the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) to complete a Bullard Wash multiuse bicycle and pedestrian trail.

With a budget of $198,000, the trail will be built between southern Bullard Wash Park and northern Estrella Mountain Regional Park.

“The Bullard Wash really is the jewel of our city,” Councilwoman Wally Campbell said. “It’s going to absolutely define us as a destination place.”

A request to extend a property of Christopher Todd Communities (also a part of the request is to change the name to Hancock Communities) on the southwest corner of Van Buren Street and Loop 303 into a vacant area south to Lilac Street was approved by a 5-2 vote. Council members Brannon Hampton and Laura Kaino raised concerns about the new request and voted against it.

“My big concern is the density. The 46 acres of the same type of product, the multifamily type of thing, and it’s on one of our major gateways into the city,” Kaino said.

Hampton added that it may be difficult for future residents to make a left turn from Lilac Street onto Loop 303 because of the little space between the future development and the freeway.

“I drive that road every day, and that’s a very tight turn between the (Loop) 303,” Hampton said.

A permit request for a drive-thru at a Starbucks at Litchfield Road and I-10 was unanimously approved.

For homes in historic Goodyear, Litchfield Manor and northern subdivisions, zoning ordinances were unanimously approved for subdivisions built before 1975 for the use of chain-link fences and projections into yards.

Another resolution was one which clarified that a residential driveway (non-pervious surface) can only take up 50% of the front yard or have a 30-foot maximum. This clarification was in response to the discovery that several residential homes in Goodyear had fully paved front yards.

Another drive-thru permit for a future restaurant on the corner of North Estrella Parkway and West Roosevelt Street in Goodyear was also unanimously approved.

In addition, the following items were unanimously adopted without council discussion:

• Maintenance of drainage easements on Elwood Street.

• A second amendment to an agreement between Goodyear and Maricopa County for animal care and control services. This second amendment reduces the original term of the agreement by one year from 2018-22 down to 2021 and adds the position of “enforcement agent,” who is responsible for the enforcement of animal control statutes.

• Appointments and the reappointments to the Youth Commission and the reappointment to the Self-Insured Healthcare Trust Board. The following were reappointed: Noah Caraway, Lorenzo Castro, Raymond Gue, Victoria Lauritano and Madison See. The following were newly appointed: Patrick Bednarz, Makayla Bradley, Lucy Castro, Teriah Cortez-Beasley, Ivan Diaz, Clarissa Garza, Mariana Glass, Marissa Kutt, Elias Linn, Paulina Magallanes, Kirby Maitra, Sidney Phillips, Harrison Rice, Paloma Sanchez, Allen Tat and Alan TorresArroyo. Wade Foster was reappointed to the Self-Insured Healthcare Trust Board.

• A final plat, subdividing roughly 27 acres into 120 lots and 12 tracts at the southeast corner of North 158th Avenue and West Van Buren Street.