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In December, Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord and the Goodyear City Council voted for raises for city employees—but not for themselves.

Separate action would have been required to change their own salaries.

The city’s elected officials will receive increases, but not until 2022.

Lord is paid $23,000 per year, through the end of 2022, when her term expires.

In 2023, the Goodyear mayor’s salary will increase to $30,000.

For his vice mayor position, Councilman Bill Stipp is paid $16,500 per year.

As they were elected in 2019, Sheri Lauritano and Laura Kaino are paid $12,000 per year.

Joe Pizzillo, Wally Campbell and Brannon Hampton are paid $9,200 per year. The salaries for those council positions will increase to $12,000 in 2022, the next local election cycle.