Officials including Mayor Georgia Lord

Officials including Mayor Georgia Lord, wearing pink, celebrate the opening of Goodyear Fire Station 186.

With a statue of a roadrunner placed at the forefront of the station to represent the quick response from the crew, the Goodyear Fire Department officially opened Fire Station 186. 

In a ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 3, remarks were made by seven community members, including Mayor Georgia Lord, Goodyear Fire Department Fire Chief Paul Luizzi and Capt. Manny Cordova.

“It’s important for us to make investments like this into our city, because you can’t stop our growth,” Lord said. “It’s something special, something to brag about.”

The 12,587-square-foot facility located on Willis Road, just east of Rainbow Valley Road, includes measures and design elements to ensure firefighters’ long-term health. 

Station 186 is considered cleaner and safer for Goodyear’s firefighters, according to Luizzi.

“It’s super exciting and at times hard to put into words, but it’s absolutely unbelievable,” he said. “What makes me feel good about this station is that I know the firefighters are going to be safe and kept healthy with the systems we built in here.”

Fire Station 186 is one of the two stations approved by the Goodyear City Council that center around the health and safety of the city’s firefighters. Station 181, located on 143rd Avenue between Van Buren Street and Celebrate Life Way, is scheduled to open in the spring. 

Both fire stations include safety features such as a decontamination corridor that will allow firefighters to decontaminate their gear immediately upon returning to the station. 

Luizzi said the new station is not only beneficial to the firefighters but to the community as well. 

“We now have better response times for our neighbors. Before, they weren’t the best because we were coming from a distance away. Now, as this community is starting to fill in and build up, we now have public safety that is very close to them, and that level of reassurance really drives people to think about moving into the neighborhood,” he said.

Additionally, Luizzi said the new stations reflect Goodyear’s commitment to investing in the health and safety of its employees and citizens.

“It represents growth, and it shows the type of commitment from city council. It shows their commitment to safety and that there’s a priority of keeping firefighters healthy,” he said. 

As the Goodyear Fire Department takes residence in its new home at Station 186, Luizzi said the station is now officially part of the community and hopes to open the doors to the public as soon as it’s safe to do so.