Police Chief Jerry Geier

Goodyear ex-Police Chief Jerry Geier was fired late Friday, Dec. 20. Paid suspensions continue for Deputy Chief Justin Hughes and two other police employees. Tammy Vo, a Goodyear spokeswoman, said Goodyear will not provide details, as Geier has filed an appeal. "Geier was placed on administrative leave on Oct. 7, 2019, following allegations of misconduct," Vo said, in an email Friday. "Shortly after, external investigators began a very thorough review which recently concluded. Based on those findings, it was determined that Geier violated administrative policies. Those violations are non-criminal and non-financial in nature. Geier was hired as police chief on Jan. 9, 2012.

     "Employees who are terminated have the right to an appeals process. Therefore, any further details about the original allegations, the investigation, or the findings will not be available until the appeals process has concluded pursuant to the Peace Officers Bill of Rights. It protects information about disciplinary investigations of police officers from being disclosed until the process has concluded.    

  "Three other employees were also put on administrative leave in early October. They include Deputy Chief Justin Hughes, Officer Kyle Cluff and Administrative Services Manager Susan Petty. Those investigations are still ongoing and are also considered non-criminal and non-financial in nature.       "The city takes its obligations as holders of the public’s trust seriously, and appreciates the patience of the public and the support of employees during this investigation.   Acting Chief Santiago Rodriguez will continue in his role until further notice."