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The Planning and Zoning Commission approved a 290-home mixed-use development on Parcel B. The proposed city hall development is on Parcel A.

Goodyear Civic Square, which is to be 290 homes on 42 acres at Virginia Avenue and 150th Drive, was approved by Goodyear’s Planning and Zoning Commission in December.

The property is between Virginia Avenue and McDowell Road, between Market at Estrella Falls and Harkins Theatres Estrella Falls.

The parcel that was approved (Parcel B) is next to Goodyear’s long-planned new city hall (Parcel A).

Steve Careccia, a city planner, gave a presentation noting the Goodyear Civic Square planned area development (PAD) will permit the development of a mixed-use property. 

It is imagined as an “urban, pedestrian-oriented development that will be a center for civic administration, services and events.”

When commissioners raised concerns about parking, Christopher Baker, Goodyear’s Development Services director, stated the parcel where the new city hall will be located has a design team actively working with the city on parking. 

The city, he said, is a customer and owner of the project, with the developer Globe is managing the remainder of the project. There are two proposed parking garages in Parcel A, as well as on-street parking, Baker said.