City Hall

Goodyear approved a letter of intent in early April to build a new city hall, library, two-acre park and Class A office space north of McDowell Road near 150th Drive. (Photo courtesy city of Goodyear)

After starting and stalling five times in the last 35 years, Goodyear’s new city hall project is finally underway.

Goodyear City Council approved a letter of intent in early April outlining a public-private partnership with investment company Globe Corporation for the development of Goodyear Civic Square at Estrella Falls.

The project, slated to be completed by mid-2022, will be located north of McDowell Road near 150th Drive, and will include a city hall, library, two-acre park and Class A office space – the highest quality office space.

Goodyear City Manager Julie Arendall said the square will serve as a public space for events and activities.

“We’re really looking to create a vibrant gathering place for the Goodyear community. A place where we can have art festivals and concerts and really make that hometown feel for Goodyear,” she said.

And a project like Civic Square at Estrella Falls is long overdue, Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord said.

“Through the years we’ve done our citizen surveys. You can see that those needs and wants are there,” Lord said. “It’s going to be a great meeting place for our citizens, which they have really longed for, for some time.”

While the project will fulfill a longstanding demand, it will also generate jobs and retain a high concentration of people in Goodyear during the daytime, something Arendall said will attract business opportunities in the future.

“What we don’t have in Goodyear right now is a density of daytime population. Our workforce leaves Goodyear during the day to go to work at a very high rate,” she said.

And as long as everyone is leaving the community during the day, potential restaurants, retail and entertainment businesses don’t have the ability to be successful, she added.

“By having the city hall, you automatically have about 500 employees in that location everyday. By adding the library, we have 140,000 visitors annually. And then this additional Class A office building; let’s say they have another 500 employees. Now you can see how that creates that daytime dynamic,” Arendall said.

“We’re confident and believe that this project will be the catalyst for other things that our current Goodyear residents want.”

Globe Corporate, which owns 47 acres where the new space will be built, is making a donation toward the project, Lord said.

“They are dedicating land to us, and along with that they’re going to build a Class A office building,” she said.

The Class A office space is special to the project because nothing like it exists in Goodyear, Arendall said.

“It truly does not exist in the West Valley. We are unable to compete as a community for corporate-headquarter-type (locations), because we don’t have the existing space that these companies want,” she said. “We’re excited that Globe has the confidence in our market to put it in Goodyear.”

Lord said the project and all of its features will be an added attraction to the city.

“My vision is the citizens’ vision. They want a community that they can live in, work in and play in,” she said. “And so this kind of sums it up.”