Voting hand detail

Goodyear voters approved 10 measures via mail-in ballots that update the city charter’s various articles, according to official results from the March 9 special election.

There were 57,326 ballots sent out and 9,720 ballots turned in. For details on the measures and the election, visit

A city charter is to cities what a constitution is for federal and state governments. It provides the city’s basic governing principles. The city charter amendments were recommended by the city of Goodyear Citizen Charter Review Ad-Hoc Committee and referred to Goodyear voters by the city council.

In addition to multiple administrative and grammatical changes, amendments included establishing a committee to review and recommend compensation for the city council, adopting an appointment process in the event of a vacancy on the council and removing an automatic transition from councilmembers being elected at-large to electoral districts when the city reached a population of 150,000. 

Details on the measures are below: 


Proposition 451: Article II The Council:

Yes 61.64%; No 37.03%

Makes changes to what constitutes a term for mayor and councilmember; removes provisions related to the establishment for electoral districts; establishes a city council compensation committee and changes the method for adjusting council compensation; incorporates the authority to remove councilmembers for misconduct in office; changes the process for filling vacancies in the office of mayor or councilmembers; provides dates of induction into office and makes applicable grammatical and administrative changes. 


Proposition 452: Article III The City Manager:

Yes 71.24%; No 27.13%

Establishes an employment contract for the city manager; removes references to assistant city managers; and authorizes the city manager to delegate an acting city manager in his/her absence.


Proposition 453: Article IV Administrative Departments and Offices: 

Yes 70.51%; No 26.97%

Revises the city clerk’s duties; establishes the city attorney’s contract; and removes the requirement that the city manager recommends the city attorney. 


Proposition 454: Article VI Finance and Taxation:

Yes 74.64%; No 23.65% 

Updates finance and auditing terminology and practices in compliance with generally accepted accounting and auditing standards and state statute. It also makes applicable grammatical and administrative changes.


Proposition 455: Article VII Ordinances and Resolutions:

Yes 71.15%; No 27.16%

Allows the delivery of council material by electronic means, rather than personal delivery, to the council prior to the meeting; removes the requirement to maintain three paper copies of ordinances in the city clerk’s office; establishes a posting location other than city hall; references state statute for newspaper advertising requirements; modifies enacting requirements for ordinances and resolutions; and makes applicable grammatical and administrative changes. 


Proposition 456: Article VIII


Yes 63.93%; No 32.94%

Provides for the disposition of surplus property by reasonable means adopted by council; removes provisions related to official advertising in legal newspapers; and makes applicable grammatical and administrative changes.


Proposition 457: Article IX Elections:

Yes 59.23%; No 37.07%

Removes the reference to electoral districts and makes applicable grammatical and administrative changes. 

Proposition 458: Article XI Municipal Court:

Yes 69.56%; No 26.20%

Entitles the municipal court at “The Municipal Court of the City of Goodyear, Maricopa County, State of Arizona”; establishes an employment contract for the presiding judge; establishes the presiding judge is the presiding judicial officer of the municipal court; allows the Goodyear presiding judge to appoint judges pro tempore as needed within its annual approved budget; and makes applicable grammatical and administrative changes.


Proposition 459: Article XIII General Provisions:

Yes 76.63%; No 20.03%

Requires the city council to consider the appointment of a charter review committee at least every 10 years. Makes applicable grammatical and administrative changes.


Proposition 460: Article I Incorporation, Form of Government, Powers of City, Boundaries and Article XV Succession in Government:

Yes 76.19%; No 20.74%

Makes applicable grammatical and administrative changes.