Dawn Schuerkamp

The $50,000 “Save A Little, Win A Lot” winner Dawn Schuerkamp, lower left, is surprised by Ent Credit Union leadership on a Zoom call.

Dawn Schuerkamp left Colorado behind to move to Goodyear—but Colorado didn’t leave her behind, in a good way.

While still living in Colorado, she entered the Ent Credit Union “Save A Little, Win A Lot” program at the beginning of 2020.

Each month, 10 qualifying members were randomly selected to receive a $500 cash prize. Each quarter, five qualifying members received a $1,000 cash prize, and, at the conclusion of the program, four grand prizes would be awarded. One qualifying member would receive a $50,000 cash prize, while three runner-up prizes of $25,000 would be awarded.

Ent announced Schuerkamp is the $50,000 grand prize winner.

And, wow, will that ever come in handy.

“My husband has had cancer since February of this year and hasn’t worked since his diagnosis. He’s been through hell and back with several rounds of chemotherapy, but he just got his scans back and, as of this month, he is cancer free,” Schuerkamp said during a surprise video call with Ent leadership. 

“I’m so excited I won—winning this money takes a huge burden off us.”