Laura Kaino

Longtime Goodyear resident Laura Kaino was appointed to the City Council to replace Joanne Osborne.

Kaino may have taken her place at the diocese on June 25, but she has plenty of experience working with local government.

Kaino retired from the city of Phoenix in 2014 and immediately immersed herself into Goodyear by participating in the Goodyear Police Citizens Academy, Arts and Culture Committee and Water Conservation Committee.

“Probably one of my favorite things about serving for Goodyear was when we installed the honor wall in front of the police operations building,” Kaino said.

“When I worked in Phoenix, we lost a lot of police officers, and my son is a police officer in Glendale. It’s important to me to not only honor those who have passed, but those who carry on and continue to do their jobs, despite the risk and despite the hazards.”

Mayor Georgia Lord, who oversaw much of the selection process, said although there were plenty of quality applicants, Kaino was selected for her involvement in Goodyear government and her experiences in Phoenix.

“She retired from the city of Phoenix,” Lord said. “She served in several divisions there, including human resources and parks and recreation, and right now we’re in the process of building two parks in Goodyear. I’d say that resume is a dream for a mayor to bring someone on in the middle of the year.”

Kaino said she has regularly attended City Council meetings for years, but still has a lot to learn about the legislative process. She is spending the council’s summer recess brushing up on governmental knowledge.

“I have a number of meetings scheduled with department heads, and I’m going on tours of different buildings and departments,” she said.

“There is a lot I need to learn about finance and budgets and capital improvement. So, I’m really dedicating the summer to getting up to speed and getting out in the community.”

And, if anybody can manage the challenge of succeeding in a new system, Lord said she believes Kaino is the smart choice.

“Sitting at a council position will be different for her, because it’s a policy position,” Lord said. “But, she’s ready for it and we’re excited about having her on board.”