Flock safety camera systems

Flock safety camera systems will be installed at entrances and exits to all city neighborhoods. They are not used to monitor speed or traffic signals. They do not use facial recognition technology.

Automated license plate reader cameras will be installed in Litchfield Park within 60 days to observe vehicles that may have an active warrant or a silver/Amber alert, according to Matthew Williams, interim city manager. 

The solar-powered cameras will alert the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to the vehicle’s location within the city. Footage will also be used in investigations to monitor when suspect vehicles enter or exit the city limits.

They are not used to monitor speed and traffic signals, nor use any facial recognition technology.

The purchase and placement of the 32 ALPR cameras were approved during a special city council meeting on Nov. 9, 2020. 

The city will pay $80,000 annually for the Flock safety camera systems. Similar systems are also being deployed in Tempe and Youngtown. Nationally, cities that have installed these systems have seen, on average, a 60% drop in nonviolent crime. 

These cameras will be installed on existing poles or new 12-foot ones at entrances and exits into all city neighborhoods and are strictly used to capture vehicle tags, vehicle make, model and color.