The Litchfield Elementary School District

The Litchfield Elementary School District gave significant pay increases to its teachers and staff, effective July 1.

Thanks primarily to last fall’s voter-approved override and the recent increase in Arizona’s education funding, the 2018-2019 school year includes:

• Up to 10 percent to 18 percent pay increases for teachers and certified staff (includes student advisers, instructional coaches and specialists). Ranges are dependent on position, experience, and performance.

• Up to 12 percent pay increases for classified hourly staff.

• Up to 7 percent pay increases for classified salaried/supervisors.

• More than 5 percent pay increases for psychologists and therapists.

• Up to 5 percent pay increases for administrators (excludes superintendent).

“Our students consistently perform among the highest in the state and that is due, in great part, to our A-plus teachers and staff,” said Steve Yamamori, governing board president.

“In an effort to protect Litchfield’s ability to attract and retain quality teachers in a highly competitive market, the governing board studied the compensation plans and salary averages in many Maricopa County school districts. Ours are among Arizona’s highest pay increases, and we thank the community for supporting the dedicated professionals who are developing tomorrow’s workforce.”

Superintendent Jodi Gunning added, “Thanks to our proud history of community support, Litchfield has always been a statewide leader when it comes to high test scores and low administrative costs. These pay increases fortify the district’s competitive edge to blanket our schools with talented and passionate professionals. Our teachers and staff are honored to play a valuable role in our community, and they are profoundly grateful for this generous display of respect.”