Litchfield Park

At its Jan. 20 meeting, Litchfield Park City Council discussed current events, city center updates and the automated license plate reader system progress.

A city center update included plans for the Litchfield Road roundabout, a parking lot concept on Honeysuckle Street, timeline for projects and the process for moving forward.

City Engineer Woody Scoutten said new utilities construction is set to start in April at an estimated cost of $2 million.

“One of the most frustrating things about the project was getting the utility companies to pay attention to us and figure out a way that they can serve the whole 30 acres. They’re very busy, and it was tough getting them on board,” said Scoutten.

The council discussed concerns for water pressure.

“We’re planning on having two-story and potentially three-story buildings in this city center development. … Liberty (Utilities) doesn’t necessarily have enough water pressure in their system to adequately supply a two- to three-story building with water. They may not even meet the minimum requirements for water pressure in the system for things like fire hydrants, ” said Mayor Thomas Schoaf.

The cost of the first phase of the project is estimated at $6.6 million and will include the start of construction on the Litchfield road and roundabout, Village Parkway extension, grading and drainage, and phase one of the park development. 

“I don’t know if the phasing proposed on the park is what’s most cost effective,” said Schoaf. “Before we make (a decision) in March, we need to spend some time working through that issue in detail.”

Schoaf suggested looking at an additional bond to fund the project.

Discussing the recent developments of the project to install Automated License Plate Reader systems throughout the city, Matthew Williams, interim city manager, reviewed the status of the prerequisites prior to installation. 

The plate readers capture computer-readable images of license plates, allowing law enforcement to compare license plate numbers of people suspected of being involved in criminal activities as well as capturing speeding and violation of traffic rules such as running through red lights.

Litchfield Park contracts with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement.

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Flock Safety and the MCSO allows information received from the cameras to be provided for enforcement and the location of all cameras.

“The MOU was approved by Flock Safety last week,” said Williams. “They are expecting about eight weeks from the beginning of the camera install to the system actually up and running.”

The cost to the city will include $80,000 for the camera equipment and $250 per camera for installation, totaling $8,000. This price is guaranteed for the first two years, as the letter was provided at the November 2020 city council meeting. 

“After the $88,000, it’s $2500 per camera, per year. … We get a 30-day free trial once the cameras are actually installed, ” said Williams.