Flock Safety’s technology

Flock Safety’s technology is utilized in over 1,500 cities across the country, including Litchfield Park, to help communities and law enforcement reduce crime by up to 70%.

Litchfield Park is seeing success in preventing and solving crime by deploying Flock Safety Automated License Plate Reading cameras across the city. 

Flock Safety’s technology is utilized in more than 1,500 cities across the country to help communities and law enforcement reduce crime by up to 70%.

“We are a technology company that builds hardware and writes software for neighborhoods, businesses and law enforcement to capture the objective evidence needed to investigate and ultimately solve crime,” said Josh Thomas, Flock vice president of marketing. 

“We actually manufacture the hardware ourselves, we build cameras and audio detection devices. We have machine learning engineers that interpret all of the evidence, and then we deliver it to the right person at the right time. So, whether it’s a patrol officer in their vehicle, or their cellphones, or if it’s a neighborhood that needs to download footage and give it to a detective or if it’s a city councilmember who wants to audit everything and see how this system is being used and what are the searches that are being performed in their jurisdiction. We have built the software behind all the hardware as well.”

Litchfield Park installed more than 30 Flock Safety ALPR cameras for proactive and reactive crime fighting. The ALPR network delivers Hot List alerts, a real-time notification that a vehicle associated with a wanted suspect in a state or national crime database has passed a camera. 

Hot List alerts also help law enforcement locate missing persons in cases of Amber and Silver alerts.

“Our mission is to eliminate crime,” Thomas said. “It’s going to take a lot of work to get there, but that is our North Star. We want to increase the clearance rate to 100% and therefore reduce the overall crime rate. That is our ultimate goal here.”

The Avondale Police Department, which Litchfield Park contracts with to provide law enforcement services, have received over 70 Hot List alerts from the Flock system since July.

The Flock Safety cameras have helped Avondale Police Department’s Litchfield Park Patrol Team identify an armed robbery suspect vehicle, locate missing persons and recover stolen license plates.

“The Flock Safety system has been a tremendous asset to our Litchfield Park patrol team by helping identify wanted vehicles, thus helping keep our Litchfield Park community safer,” said Chief Memo Espinoza of the Avondale Police Department.

Flock Safety cameras detect and decode objective leads for law enforcement using Vehicle Fingerprint technology, which identifies the make, vehicle type, color, license plate, license plate state and features like roof rack, trailer hitch and tinted windows.

The devices are not intended for traffic enforcement and do not include facial recognition capabilities. The data is never sold or shared with third parties, and every search conducted by the system requires an auditable search justification. The footage is securely stored in the cloud and automatically deleted every 30 days, by default.

“Our technology is not for traffic enforcement at all,” Thomas said. “There is no radar implement, so there’s no speeding violation. These are not red-light cameras. These are not for traffic enforcement. These devices are for solving serious crimes on Amber alerts, Silver alerts, homicides, assault… There is no facial recognition. Our devices, our cameras are pointed at roads, taking pictures of publicly available information, cars and license plates.”

As more cities, businesses and police departments continue to implement Flock Safety devices, Thomas said the West Valley will likely see additional camera installations.

“The majority of crime goes unsolved, 85% of property crime goes unsolved,” Thomas said. “If someone steals a package off your doorstep, four out of five times they are going to get away. And half of violent crimes go unsolved. No. 1 reason why all these crimes go unsolved is not because people don’t care and aren’t trying, it’s because they don’t have evidence. So, this works. We are solving a couple hundred crimes literally every single day around the country.”