Litchfield Park City Council

Litchfield Park City Council will select a replacement for Peter Mahoney, back left of photo, who resigned Oct. 4.

Litchfield Park City Council meets at 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 19, to conduct interviews and appoint a replacement for Peter Mahoney, who resigned Oct. 4.

Mahone resigned due to perceived conflicts of interest (he owns three restaurants in Litchfield Park).

According to the agenda, “Applicants will be interviewed in executive session unless an applicant requests that the discussion occur in a public meeting.”

The new council member will complete Mahoney’s term, which expires Jan. 1. 2021.

The final candidates:

• Lynn Bennett

• Ron Clair

• Brian Dursteler

• Brian Dalke

• Michael Grjegian.

According to City Manager Bill Stephens, there were originally 15 candidates, but one lived just outside the city and could not be considered.

Litchfield Park City Council met in a special meeting on Saturday, Nov. 2, and discussed the candidates.

“Council selected five from the applicants to interview based on their qualifications and their ability to ‘hit the ground running’ as we have a number of important, involved issues being worked and decided by the council, such as issues surrounding the development of our City Center,” Stephens said.

Mahoney’s replacement is to be sworn in on Nov. 19, just in time for the 7 p.m., Nov. 20 meeting.