Littleton Elementary

"The district recently named 10 new leaders for the upcoming 2019-20 school year, seven of whom were promoted from other positions. School resumes Monday, July 29."

Although summer is underway, Littleton Elementary School District isn’t showing signs of slowing down.

The district recently named 10 new leaders for the upcoming 2019-20 school year, seven of whom were promoted from other positions. School resumes Monday, July 29.

“Having such an outstanding pool of internal candidates when leadership positions open up is a testament to the District’s training, culture and retention of quality employees,” Superintendent Dr. Roger Freeman said. 

The leaders are as follows:

Dr. Nicole Durazo — Principal, Estrella Vista STEM Academy. Durazo has over twenty years in education and has held a variety of positions including teacher, assistant principal, principal and director. She is coming to Littleton from the Alhambra district.  

Charles Blanton — Principal, Fine Arts Academy. Blanton has been in the Littleton district since 2004. He taught for eight years at Quentin Elementary. Since leaving the classroom, he has worked at Collier as the dean of students, at Country Place as a TAP Master teacher, at Tres Rios as the assistant principal and at Fine Arts as the assistant principal.

Natalie Sauch — Assistant Principal, Fine Arts Academy. Sauch was a kindergarten teacher at Littleton STEM Academy last school year. Over the past several years, she has been a primary teacher as well as an instructional coach.

Scott Popovich — Dean, Fine Arts Academy. Popovich has been a teacher at Tres Rios Service Academy for the last three years. He has managed multiple duties sitting on several committees as well as being the advisor to the school’s Building Club.

Ann Catlin — Assistant Principal, Littleton STEM Academy. Catlin has spent the last decade in the education field. She has worked as a teacher, mentored student teachers as was recently an assistant principal in the Cartwright School District.

Steven Rickert — Principal, Tres Rios Service Academy. Rickert was the assistant principal at Littleton STEM Academy for the last two years. He has also been a special education teacher, special education direction and principal in Illinois.

Eric Nelson — Assistant Principal, Tres Rios Service Academy. Nelson has worked in the Littleton School District for the past five years in a variety of leadership roles across the district and the district office.

Sarah Galetti — Director of State and Federal Programs. Galetti has worked with the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at ASU, the deputy associate superintendent of K-12 academic standards at the Arizona Department of Education, held multiple coaching positions and worked as a middle school teacher.

Susan Gibson — Director for Instructional Quality and Teacher Development. Gibson has been the principal at Fine Arts Academy for the last three years. She has also previously held the position of director of grants and family services as well as spent many years teaching elementary grades.

Rita Sanchez — Community Relations/PIO. Sanchez has supported the Office of School Support in the District for the last four years. Previously she has worked as a communications coordinator for another school district and has spent years working in the local news media.