Mabel Padgett XPO

From left to right are Terri Larrabee, Sara Urias, Leslie Willis, Cindy Arbogast, Amanda Moore, Kiera Suaverdez and Tullie Flagg.

Mabel Padgett Elementary School recently partnered with XPO Logistics to grow the rapport between businesses and the educational field. 

A global provider of transportation and logistics services, XPO Logistics conducted a back-to-school drive at the Goodyear school. XPO delivered a box with supplies for the students.

This marks just the beginning of other plans XPO officials are looking to implement with school administration. 

“We were just grateful for the opportunity that they gave us,” Principal Leslie Willis said. “When they reached out to us, we were very excited to have them be a part of our family.”

Having been at the district for 19 years, Willis was an instructional coach for five and is currently on her second year as principal for Mabel Padgett Elementary School.

She said her passion for children stems from their susceptibility to learn new material. 

“It’s definitely the innocence of children. They’re like little sponges, absorbing everything we can teach them. We have the ability to connect with them both emotionally and academically,” she said.

However, students need supplies to enhance their learning experience. For the 630 enrolled students in Mabel Padgett Elementary, Willis said there was a need for supply donations.

“Times have changed and sometimes it’s hard for families to be able to supply the kids with the folders and the notebooks and things like that, so any donation from the community is greatly appreciated,” Willis said.

This time, it was XPO Logistics who came up with the idea of helping a local school. 

“XPO Logistics actually reached out to us. They’re new in the area and they wanted to adopt a school locally because they wanted to give back,” Willis said. “Schools can’t do everything alone and they know that, so they reached out to us and said they were doing a supply drive and wanted to see if we would be willing to work with them. Of course, we said yes.”

XPO Logistics offered the following when reached for comment:

“We helped by coordinating a donation box in our facility, and employees jumped on the chance to donate. Our employees donated everything from backpacks and markers to paper and pencils, along with tissues, hand wipes and more.”

Willis said other items included glue sticks, sharpies, folders and highlighters.

As for future aspects of the partnership between XPO and Mabel Padgett, school administrators are already looking forward to collaborating. 

 “Continuing on, we have built a partnership with them,” Willis said. “They’re going to do some volunteering for us for our holiday feast and our Christmas feast and they’re going to do a book drive for us next. They’re going to collect books for the next six weeks and donate books to our library and classrooms.”