Woman wearing face mask in the city

While some are eager for a return to normalcy, others around the West Valley feel extreme caution is still needed in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The West Valley View’s Facebook page took the following poll May 15:

“With Gov. Doug Ducey lifting the stay-home order today, I am (choose one): A) continuing to practice strict social distancing/isolation; B) planning to go out a little more but still practice social distancing; C) ready to return to normal.

Of 134 who participated, 68 went with “continue to practice strict social distancing/isolation,” 27 chose the middle option and 39 are “ready to return to normal.”

Among those planning to continue social distancing/isolation was Dana King, who noted, “I have a compromised immune system and can’t risk getting sick nor getting my babies sick.”

Erica Myers is also playing it safe: “I’m going to wait and see what happens over the next few weeks.”

Lenny Quint planned to stay at home for another two weeks: “I will let the canaries in the mines before me.”

Mary Abernathy Monreal said she was staying hypercautious. “Until I see facts that this virus has a vaccine or a different sort of cure, I’m not willing to play Russian roulette with my family’s lives or my life. I will continue to take all precautions, wear my mask, carry my hand sanitizer, etc.”

Taking the middle ground is Kerry Lyon, planning to continue “what I have been doing since we were informed of this virus, to practice safety guidelines and go out and do what has been necessary to get the essentials for my family and myself. What is really sad is that we have had such a big push to remind people to wash their hands, a common everyday practice that keeps so many health. Soap and hot water are your best friends.”

Tracey Hollmann-Hertzog also chose the “B” option, noting, “I will respect people’s space and wear a mask if needed. I would love to go to a restaurant and eat, but it has been fun to order out and eat in the backyards with friends.”

Among those ready for a “return to normal” was Bill Gardner, who noted, “All through this, I haven’t changed how or what I do and it’s not going to stop now. The only restriction to my activities has been what is and isn’t open for service.”

Leah Peah agreed it was time to get back to normal: “We cannot sit at home forever. I of course continue to practice being safe like washing my hands and staying home if I am sick.”

John Beggets sounded ready for action: “I’m gonna visit every store just because I can! Plan to be out all day!”