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Last month, the federal government started mailing stimulus checks to millions of Americans.

In response to a West Valley View Facebook post, only a few said they were still waiting for the federal money.

Most said  they received the checks—and promptly put them to use.

“My dog had to go to the pet hospital. It took it all plus some,” Mary Jo James-Barron said.

Jennifer Bousquet Fish spent her stimulus check on “a new fridge and a new mattress. The rest in savings for my daughter’s college.”

“My fridge went out, the dryer’s going out and my washer started leaking into the wash tub. So... (already) spent,” Stella Harvey said.

The stimulus money also went to repairs for Johnnie Johnson-Moreno: “My AC in my car went out - spent it on that.”

Many said they used the stimulus money to pay down bills. A few mentioned housing costs.

Three of 50 who responded said they deposited the stimulus check into savings accounts.

A couple said they were splurging, like Zac Rocheleau:

“Gonna buy me a boat.”