Anna Tovar

Tolleson Mayor Anna Tovar speaks at the groundbreaking for Marriott’s new Fairfi eld Inn & Suites. (West Valley View photo by Jordan Christopher)

Tolleson officials celebrated the groundbreaking of a Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Friday, June 8.

Among the guests were elected officials from Tolleson, as well as representatives from Marriott, Virtua Partners and Hotel Equities.

“We have been waiting and dreaming about a Fairfield Inn to come in to not only service our community members but those that are traveling through the I-10 freeway, and get to know just a little piece of Tolleson when they come and visit,” Tolleson Mayor Anna Tovar said enthusiastically. “So, we are anxiously awaiting summer of 2019.”

The hotel will be built at the southeast corner of 91st Avenue and McDowell Road, north of the I-10 and adjacent to the former Kmart.

It will feature 116 rooms ranging from 265 to 465 square feet, some of which will be handicap accessible.

Floor plans show amenities will include a pool; laundry, work, office and meeting rooms; business and fitness centers; lobby, lounge and breakfast areas; and a corner market.

“We are just absolutely thrilled to be here and to have Mayor Tovar and the council members here with us for the groundbreaking of our Marriott Fairfield Inn,” said Quinn Palomino, principal at Virtua Partners, thanking the city.

“This has been just an incredible experience and a positive experience for us, so much so that we’re looking at additional properties here to develop,” she added.

Palomino, who opened the event, also provided guests a little insight on the history of Fairfield.

“Marriott Family in the early ’50s bought a family farm out in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, and for years used it as a location to invite family, friends, business associates, dignitaries,” she explained.

“They’ve taken that brand, Fairfield, and really focused on a couple of areas: warmth, family, comfort and simplicity,” she continued. “So, our vision for this, our vision as a company, has been to provide that oasis when it comes to a hotel for weary travelers, tired and stressed, to come here and to be able to find a home.”

She also acknowledged Virtua’s partnership with Marriott and Hotel Equities, a partnership without which the future hotel would not have come to fruition.

The project’s overall vision, though, as Palomino explained it, is “being a part of the community, being able to open our doors for conferences, so that the community can use it as well.”

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott is expected to open at the southeast corner of 91st Avenue and McDowell Road in summer 2019.

“This is an amazing day,” Tovar said, clearly anticipating the new addition to the community. “We will mark it as an important day in our history in the city of Tolleson.”