Joe Pizzillo was appointed mayor upon the death of former mayor Georgia T. Lord in December 2021(City of Goodyear/Submitted)

Goodyear Mayor Joe Pizzillo, along with Councilmember Wally Campbell, will flip the possession coin before Millennium High School’s football game on Friday, Nov. 4.

As someone who enjoys football at the high school and college level, Pizzillo was excited for the opportunity when tapped to flip the coin for Millennium’s matchup against Desert Edge High School.

“I’m looking forward to it,” he said. “I’ve never flipped the coin at a football game before.

“I’ve had several meetings with Mark (Yslas). I think he’s doing a good job over there at the high school as the superintendent.”

Pizzillo’s appearance at this game, in particular, is special. His granddaughter attends Millennium and is a part of the choir that will perform that night.

“The student section out there, they really get into it,” he said. “It’s great to see school spirit, live and in person.”

Pizzillo makes a point out of getting out into the community and supporting its local schools, especially since he is also an adjunct financial accounting professor at Grand Canyon University.

“I’m a firm believer that our kids are our future, and even at the college level as well,” he said. “So, I enjoy getting out and doing whatever I can to do my part to ensure that our kids are heading in the right direction.”

Pizzillo was appointed mayor upon the death of former mayor Georgia T. Lord in December 2021. He is currently serving the remainder of Lord’s term until Saturday, Dec. 31, and will begin his new term in January, as he won his first election as mayor this past August.

He looks forward to continuing his role into the new year, as Goodyear is experiencing significant growth.

In early August, the city held a ribbon cutting for its Civic Square project, which included the Georgia T. Lord Library, city hall, office space and community park.

A long-anticipated downtown area of the city, known as GSQ, is also in the planning phase. A mixed-use, walkable urban center will become the heart of the city, and feature a range of popular restaurants, entertainment, shopping and residential living so residents will not have to travel far for their needs.

“I’m really excited about seeing this growth and expansion outward in the next few years,” Pizzillo said. “We’re going to see some major changes out here in Goodyear.”