Desman Brown

Goodyear police arrested Desman Brown, a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office deputy service aide, on child abuse charges.

A Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office employee was arrested by Goodyear police and charged with child abuse last week.

On Aug. 25, Goodyear police officers responded to Sunrise Preschool at 13201 W. Thomas Road in Goodyear, in reference to an injury observed on a 7-month-old infant. The child had a large bruise across the left side of the face.

“After a thorough investigation and a number of interviews, on Sept. 2, Goodyear police arrested Desman Brown for child abuse and aggravated assault,” said Lisa Berry, a Goodyear Police spokeswoman.

“It is believed that the injury was caused by Brown striking the face of the 7-month-old infant and causing the large bruise to the face,” she said.

Brown is a 23-year-old Avondale resident and non-sworn deputy service aide with the MCSO.

“As has always been my position, I am intolerant of actions which are in conflict with our values in the law,” Sheriff Paul Penzone said.

“Protection of children has always been a top priority, and I expect our employees to be leaders in this community in keeping children safe. Any actions in conflict with these expectations will not be tolerated, and all people should be held to the same standard of conduct under the law. I appreciate the actions of our law enforcement partners in their efforts to protect children. As is required to ensure due process is followed, we have placed this employee on administrative leave pending the criminal and internal investigations. I will take the appropriate action should the allegations be substantiated.”

Deputy service aides are non-sworn law enforcement aides who respond to lower-level priority calls for service to the community. Aides are not law enforcement officers and do not have the powers of arrest nor carry a weapon.